3-Way Matte Black Ceiling-Mounted Thermostatic Shower System with 12'' or 16'' Rain Head, Optional LED Light

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Introducing our multi-functional Matte Black Shower System, integrating style and functionality for an ultimate bathing experience.

3-Way Thermostatic Rough-In Valve with Trim:
Our system F3 style features a 3-way thermostatic rough-in valve with trim, complete with a thermostatic cartridge. It supports a water flow from 1.8 GPM to 5.8 GPM and maintains a stable water pressure between 70 to 90 psi.

The face size of the F3 valve is 7 1/8'' x 5 1/8''. featuring 1/2'' outlets, accompanied by a normal water flow cartridge; it is compatible with 1/2'' hot and cold water pipelines and the push buttons can not adjust the water flow and water pressure.

The U3 valve style features a digital display and push buttons for adjusting water flow and pressure, accommodating 1/2 inch or 3/4 inch hot and cold water pipelines, with a high water flow range of 1.5 to 7.8 GPM.

The faceplate size of the U3 valve is 8 3/4'' x 6 1/2'', featuring 3/4'' inlets and 1/2'' outlets, accompanied by a high water flow cartridge; it is compatible with both 1/2'' and 3/4'' hot and cold water pipelines, with a recommendation of using a 3/4'' pipeline for optimal performance, while all other outlet pipelines should be 1/2''.

Rain Shower Head (16" or 12"):
Our fixed rain showerhead is available in two sizes: 16'' x 16'' and 12'' x 12''. Built from sturdy brass and stainless steel, it features an LED light that changes color according to water temperature, adding a luxurious touch to your shower experience. No batteries are required for the LED light.

LED Color Changing with Water Temperature:

  • Blue LED: 32-86℉
  • Green LED: 86-104℉
  • Red LED: 104-122℉
  • Flashing Red LED: 122-212℉

Rain Shower Arm (9"):
This ceiling-mounted shower arm is made from durable brass and has a flange straight design. Its matte black finish perfectly complements the rest of the shower system.

Hand Shower Head:
Our handheld shower head is made from durable brass and offers a high water pressure - perfect for the elderly and children. Like the rest of the shower system, it sports a sleek matte black finish.

Hand Shower Holder:
This wall-mounted shower holder bracket is made from durable brass. It features an NPT 1/2 inch male thread for easy installation.

Shower Mixer Valve Control:
Our three-function thermostatic control valve is crafted from sturdy brass and a ceramic valve for longevity. It offers the flexibility of each function working together or separately.

6pcs Shower Body Jet:
Enjoy a rejuvenating massage with our high-pressure body jets. These 2'' jets are designed to enhance your showering experience.

Shower Hose (59"):
The package includes a 59'' flexible shower hose made from stainless steel. It's designed to be kink-resistant for easy use and installation.

All components are finished in matte black, creating a stylish and cohesive look throughout your shower system. The standard connection size for all water pipe lines is 1/2 inch. Experience the luxury and versatility of our comprehensive, multi-functional shower system.


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