Brushed Gold 23x15 inch LED Music Shower Head with 4-Way Digital Display Thermostatic Shower Faucet for Individual and Combined Functionality

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This luxurious thermostatic valve features not one, but four functions, offering the utmost in control and customization for your shower experience. The brushed gold finish adds an extra layer of sophistication and elegance.

Safety is a priority, and the anti-scald function on the thermostatic valve ensures that water is delivered at a constant, desired temperature, protecting you and your family from any sudden temperature spikes.

This valve is available in two options - one with a digital display and one without. The digital display is powered by the water flow and requires no batteries. The non-digital version offers a simpler, intuitive interface. Both versions allow each function to operate either together or separately, giving you maximum flexibility.

Each diverter knob controls both water pressure and water flow, with a recommended pressure range of 70-90 PSI and a water flow range of 4.2 to 7.4 GPM (16 to 28 L/min).

The 23x15 inches LED Bluetooth Music stainless steel shower head is a standout feature, providing not just a waterfall and rainfall function, but also an LED light and music controlled via your cell phone. You can choose to have the LED light or music on or off while you shower, tailoring your showering experience to your mood.

The shower head is designed for flush installation, contributing to a sleek and modern bathroom aesthetic. The valve is made of durable brass, ensuring longevity.

Water temperature and water flow are adjustable manually, allowing you to create your ideal shower conditions. The set also includes a brass handheld shower, a 59-inch shower hose, and six 2x2 inch brass body jets. Each function can operate simultaneously or separately, depending on your preference.

The valve is designed to connect with NPT 1/2'' threads. The head size is 23 x 15 inches and the cartridge is built to last with a lifetime of 300,000 open and close cycles.

This brushed gold thermostatic valve set is an exquisite addition to any bathroom, combining safety, luxury, and the latest technology for a truly unique shower experience.

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