16-Inch Matte Black Flush-Mounted 3-Way Digital Thermostatic Shower Faucet with 64-LED Colors and Bluetooth Music Capabilities

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Elevate your shower experience with our 16-inch flush-mounted digital thermostatic shower faucet. Finished in matte black, this shower system features a top shower head with 64 LED lights, Bluetooth music capabilities, and rainfall and waterfall functions for a truly immersive experience.

The centerpiece is the 16 x 16 inch shower head, which illuminates your shower with 64 vibrant LED colors. Sync it with your favorite tunes via Bluetooth from your cell phone. You have the freedom to turn the LED lights and music on or off as you please during your shower.

The system operates at a water pressure of 40 ~142 PSI,with an ideal range of 50 ~90 PSI, and a water flow rate of 4.2 GPM to 7.4 GPM. The shower head installation is flush, providing a sleek and seamless look in your bathroom.

The rough-in valve, made from lead-free brass, comes in three styles:

  • D3 Style: Features a pressure balance cartridge and on/off setting on backflow. Each function works separately, not all together. It includes a digital display that operates by water flow, eliminating the need for a battery.
  • F3 Style: Comes with three push buttons and one square temperature knob. It includes a thermostatic cartridge, allowing each function to work both together and separately. This style does not include a digital display.
  • Q3 Style: Features a digital display that operates by water flow, eliminating the need for a battery. The rectangular faceplate includes four round knobs. The top three diverter knobs control water pressure and water flow. This style comes with a thermostatic cartridge.

The shower system has an NPT1/2'' thread. The shower head functions include waterfall, rainfall, Bluetooth music, and 64 LED lights. The cartridge has a lifetime of 300,000 open and close cycles.

The temperature display is in Fahrenheit. The shower holder has an NPT 1/2'' male thread. The package includes a 59-inch shower hose and a high-water pressure shower wand, both made of brass.

In summary, this 16-inch matte black flush-mounted digital thermostatic shower faucet delivers a high-tech, multi-sensory shower experience, combining visual, auditory, and tactile pleasures with the practicality of a high-quality shower system.

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