matte black 23 inch rainfall waterfall 64 LED lights Bluetooth Music shower 4 way thermostatic shower system with to touch panel and 6 body jets

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Matte Black 4-Way Thermostatic Shower System with LED Bluetooth Music Rainfall and Waterfall Head, Handheld Shower, and Body Jets

Embrace a luxurious showering experience with our 4-way thermostatic shower system. Ensuring a constant, comfortable water temperature, this system protects you and your family from scalding. Dressed in a sleek matte black finish, it integrates high-end features and modern aesthetics for a truly elevated shower experience.

Key Features:

  1. 4-Way Thermostatic Rough-In Valve with Trim: Crafted from lead-free heavy-duty brass, this valve controls water flow and pressure, featuring a thermostatic cartridge. The cartridge, designed for 300,000 open and close cycles, guarantees water at a consistent, comfortable temperature.

  2. Water Pressure & Flow: Operating within a water pressure range of 70 to 90 PSI and a water flow range of 1.8 to 6.5 GPM, this system ensures a comfortable and efficient shower.

  3. LED Bluetooth Music Shower Head: The 23" x 15" stainless steel shower head features rainfall and waterfall functions, along with 64 LED lights controllable via a remote or touch panel. Bluetooth compatible, it allows music control from your cell phone for an immersive shower experience.

  4. Handheld Shower & Hose: The system includes a brass handheld shower and a 59-inch shower hose, providing flexibility and convenience.

  5. 4-Function Brass Thermostatic Valve: This valve enables each function of the system to work both simultaneously and separately, allowing a customizable shower experience.

  6. Body Jets: Six 2" brass body jets deliver high water pressure, with the ability to swivel for maximum coverage and comfort.

  7. Thread & Inlets: The system utilizes NPT 1/2" threads and requires 3/4" or 1/2" hot and cold water pipe lines for the rough-in valve.

  8. Touch Panel Control: The system's LED lights are controlled through a touch panel, adding a layer of convenience and modernity.

In Summary:

Our matte black 4-way thermostatic shower system brings a blend of luxury, safety, and practicality to your bathroom. With an LED Bluetooth music shower head, handheld shower, and swivel body jets, it provides a comprehensive and customizable shower experience. The thermostatic valve ensures consistent comfort, making this system a stellar addition to any modern bathroom.

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