12-Inch Brushed Gold Flush Mount Shower Faucet Set: 4-Way Thermostatic– wonderland shower inc

12-Inch Brushed Gold Flush Mount Shower Faucet Set: 4-Way Thermostatic Control, 64-Color LED Lights, Bluetooth Music, and Regular Head

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Transform your shower time into an immersive sensory experience with our 4-function thermostatic valve shower system. This luxurious shower system integrates LED and Music into the shower head, creating a unique video display that adds a touch of sophistication and fun to your bathroom.

Key Features:

  1. Four-Function Thermostatic Valve: This feature allows all functions to work simultaneously or separately, offering a customizable shower experience. The thermostatic valve maintains a constant, desired water temperature, ensuring your safety with an anti-scald feature.

  2. LED and Music Shower Head: The 12" x 12" shower head is equipped with Bluetooth Music and 64 LED color lights. This feature adds a vibrant display and your favorite tunes to your shower time.

  3. High Water Pressure: The system operates at a water pressure of 50~90 PSI, providing a powerful and refreshing shower experience.

  4. Optimized Water Flow: With a water flow range of 1.5 ~5.5 GPM, you can adjust the water flow to your preference.

  5. Regular Head: A high-pressure 6" x 6" regular head with swivel functionality adds versatility to your shower system.

  6. Quality Materials: The shower head and valve are made of durable stainless steel with a brushed gold finish, while the handheld shower and hose are made of high-quality brass. The system requires 1/2 inch hot and cold water pipe lines and 1/2 inch for the other water pipe lines.

  7. Head Functions: The shower head offers mist, rainfall, LED, and Bluetooth music functions. These can be used all together or independently, creating a personalized shower experience.

  8. Long-Lasting Cartridge: The cartridge is designed to withstand up to 300,000 uses, ensuring the system's longevity and reliable performance.

  9. Easy Installation: We provide a downloadable video installation guide to help you set up your new shower system with ease.

The shower system also includes a 59-inch shower hose and a brass handheld shower, offering flexibility and convenience. The face plate of the system measures 19 x 5 1/8 inches, ensuring it fits seamlessly into your bathroom's design.

Experience a shower like never before with our 4-function thermostatic valve shower system, where luxury meets innovation.