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Brushed nickel rainfall shower head high pressure shower head 3 way thermostatic valve shower heads systems each function work at the same time and separately

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This all-inclusive shower system offers everything you need for a deluxe and customizable shower experience. The system includes:

3-Way Thermostatic Valve with Trim (F3 style)
The heart of your shower system, this brushed nickel 3-way thermostatic valve with trim can handle each function both simultaneously and separately. Embedded with a thermostatic cartridge, it consistently maintains your desired water temperature. Each diverter knob is designed to independently control water flow and pressure, ensuring a personalized shower experience.

D3 Style Rough-In Valve with Trim: Digital Display Powered by Water Flow, Independent Functioning, Includes Pressure Balance Cartridge.3-Way Rough-In Valve: Features On/Off and Adjustable Water Flow Settings for Enhanced Control.

Rain Shower Head with 9" Ceiling Arm:
Crafted from stainless steel, this rain shower head provides a luxurious, rainfall-like experience. It is available in both 12" and 16" sizes, and features a LED system powered by water flow that changes color based on the water temperature. The shower head is paired with a 9" ceiling arm, made from durable brass with a brushed nickel finish, ensuring compatibility and a seamless design.

Regular Shower Head with 8" Wall Arm:
This 6"x6" regular shower head, designed for high water pressure, offers a more traditional showering experience. It is made from lead-free brass to ensure safety and durability. The shower head is paired with an 8" wall arm, also made from durable brass and finished in brushed nickel.

Shower Hose with Handheld Shower and Shower Holder:
The system includes a 59" stainless steel shower hose, paired with a handheld shower made from lead-free brass. The handheld shower provides a water flow of 2.0 GPM, ideal for a thorough, high-pressure rinse. The set is completed with a shower holder, made from lead-free brass with a brushed nickel finish, designed to securely hold the handheld shower.

This complete shower system combines functional diversity, high-quality materials, and stylish design. Whether you prefer the gentle, rainfall-like experience of the rain shower head, or the high-pressure, targeted flow of the handheld shower, this system is designed to meet your showering needs. The 3-way thermostatic valve with trim allows for precise control of water temperature, flow, and pressure, while the LED light system in the rain shower head provides a visual indicator of water temperature. All components are crafted from durable, lead-free materials and finished in brushed nickel, ensuring a cohesive aesthetic throughout.