Brushed Gold Music 64 LED lights Flushed mount 20 X 20 inch rain waterfall shower head 4 way Digital display thermostatic valve that each function run all together and separately

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Introducing the Brushed Gold 20-Inch Flush-Mounted 4-Function Rainfall and Waterfall Shower System with Digital Display, Thermostatic Control, LED Lights, Bluetooth Music, and Body Jets. This luxury shower system blends state-of-the-art technology with a sophisticated design, transforming your bathroom into a personal spa.

Key Features & Functionality
The system comes with a 4-function thermostatic valve that maintains water at a constant, desired temperature, providing a comfortable and safe shower experience. It protects you and your family from scalding. The digital display, powered by water flow, eliminates the need for batteries. Each diverter knob controls water flow and pressure, and each function can operate simultaneously or separately, tailoring your shower to your preferences.

Shower Head
The 20 x 20-inch shower head, constructed from durable stainless steel and finished in brushed gold, offers a dual experience of soothing rainfall and invigorating waterfall. It's equipped with LED lights and a Bluetooth speaker, which can be controlled via a remote panel or your cell phone. You have the flexibility to turn the lighting or music on or off during your shower.

Water Flow & Pressure
The system operates optimally within a water pressure range of 70 to 90 PSI and can handle water flows from 1.8 to 6.5 GPM. You can manually adjust water temperature and flow to your personal comfort.

Handheld Shower and Body Jets
The system includes a handheld shower crafted from brass and a 59-inch shower hose. Additionally, the system features four 4 x 4-inch body jets, made from brass, with a swivel capability for a comprehensive and stimulating shower experience.

Valve Material and Installation
The valve, made from durable brass, ensures longevity and efficient function. The system is designed for flush installation, maintaining a clean, modern look.

Cartridge Lifetime
The cartridge is designed for durability, capable of withstanding 300,000 open and close cycles, ensuring a long lifespan.

What's in the Box?
The package includes a 20 x 20-inch rainfall and waterfall shower head with LED lights and Bluetooth speaker, a handheld shower, a 59-inch shower hose, and a 4-function digital display thermostatic valve.

Experience the luxury and adaptability of the Brushed Gold 20-Inch Flush-Mounted 4-Function Rainfall and Waterfall Shower System. It's not just a shower, it's a personalized spa experience.

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