20-inch or 24-Inch Rainfall Head ceiling mounted Matte Black 3 way tou– wonderland shower inc

20-inch or 24-Inch Rainfall Head ceiling mounted Matte Black 3 way touch-panel Shower Faucet with a big water flow adjustable fixture

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Experience the ultimate in shower luxury with this comprehensive and customizable shower system. It features a 3-function intelligent touch panel display shower valve, a large water flow valve body, and a variety of other high-quality components that deliver a superior shower experience.

Product Features:

  1. 3-Function Intelligent Touch Panel Display Shower Valve with Water Mixing Valve: This wall-mounted Digital shower faucet set features an intelligent touch panel that allows for easy control over three distinct functions. The included water mixing valve ensures a balanced water temperature during your shower.

  2. Shower Head: The 20x20 inch or 24 x 24 inch shower head delivers a broad and immersive spray for a spa-like experience.

  3. Big Water Flow Valve Body: This component ensures a consistent and satisfying water flow, enhancing your shower experience.

  4. Matte Black Brass Shower Head: The shower head is crafted from brass for durability and finished in a sleek matte black for a modern aesthetic.

  5. Matte Black Brass Handheld Shower: This handheld shower unit is made from brass and finished in matte black, offering a stylish and practical option for more targeted water flow.

  6. Matte Black Brass Shower Holder: This holder, made from brass and finished in matte black, securely holds the handheld shower unit.

  7. 59-Inch Chrome Stainless Shower Hose: This long shower hose offers flexibility and ease of use, with a matte black finish for a sleek look.

  8. Controller Panel: The included controller panel allows for easy operation of the various functions of the shower system.

With its blend of convenience, comfort, and high-quality materials, this shower system transforms your bathroom into a personal spa. Enjoy the luxury and comfort of a custom shower experience every day.