Matte Black 20'' or 24'' Ceiling-Flush Waterfall and Rainfall Digital Shower Set with Hand Shower

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Immerse yourself in an unparalleled shower experience with our Matte Black Multi-Function Full Body Shower Faucet Set. This set is an embodiment of luxury and modern technology, ensuring an invigorating shower experience every time.

The set offers three distinct shower modes: a soothing waterfall shower, a refreshing rainfall shower, and a convenient handheld sprayer. Each function operates separately, allowing you to tailor your shower experience to your preference.

This shower set boasts an impressive 20 x 20 inch or 24 x 24 inch shower head, delivering ample coverage for a thoroughly relaxing shower. The showerhead, shower hose, and shower bracket holder are crafted from high-quality stainless steel and solid brass, ensuring durability and longevity.

The matte black finish adds an air of sophistication and style to your bathroom. The set features concealed installation, with the option to mount on the ceiling or flush on the ceiling for a sleek, modern look.

The handy slide-along flange on the shower arm allows for easy and quick installation, and the 59-inch hand spray hose offers flexibility and convenience. The shower set connects via a standard NPT 1/2 connection, ensuring compatibility with most plumbing systems.

The water flow varies between 2.5 and 5.5 GPM, depending on your preferences, and operates optimally at a water pressure between 40 and 90 PSI. The handheld shower, made from lead-free brass, is designed to work efficiently under high water pressure.

The shower set includes a 3-way thermostatic rough-in valve with trim, allowing each function to work separately. The digital display operates based on water flow and does not require any batteries.

In the box, you will find a pressure-balancing digital display mixer valve and trim, a 20-inch or 24-inch waterfall and rainfall shower head, four adjustable ceiling shower arms, a shower bracket holder, a 59-inch shower hose, and a brass hand shower.

Expand your shower customization options with our diverse selection of rough-in valves. We offer four unique styles, each with their own special features, to provide you with a broader scope of choice to match your specific needs and preferences:

Style F3: Ideal for straightforward control and flexibility. The F3 has three push buttons and a temperature knob for easy operation. Its thermostatic cartridge maintains steady water temperature. Functions can work together or separately, allowing a personalized shower experience;

Style D3: Modern and smart. The D3 has a battery-free digital display and independent operation of functions for custom showers. Its pressure balance cartridge ensures steady water pressure'

Style X3: Offers precise control with three diverter knobs for water flow and pressure, alongside a temperature knob managed by a thermostatic cartridge. Each function can work simultaneously or individually, catering to your preferred shower experience;

Style Q3: Combines precise control and modern tech. Features three diverter knobs for water flow and pressure, and a thermostatic cartridge-controlled temperature knob. Each function can operate together or separately. Includes a battery-free, water flow-operated digital display.

Experience a shower like never before with our Matte Black Multi-Function Full Body Shower Faucet Set.

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