20-Inch Ceiling Mounted LED Oil Rubbed Bronze 2-Way Shower Faucet

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Indulge in the ultimate shower experience with our high-quality 20-inch ceiling mounted LED oil rubbed bronze 2-way shower faucet. This exquisite set includes a range of premium components:

  • High-Quality Material: The shower set features an oil rubbed bronze LED fixed shower head, a brass handheld holder, 4 shower arms, a 59-inch shower hose, a 2-way valve mixer, and a brass handheld shower.

  • LED Technology: The LED lights are powered by water flow, eliminating the need for batteries. The LED color changes according to the water temperature for added convenience and style. The LED turns blue when the temperature is below 30°C, green when it's between 31°C-40°C, and red when it's between 41°C-45°C.

  • Air Injection Technology: Our shower set incorporates Air Injection Technology, which enhances water pressure even in low water pressure installations. By mixing water with air, it increases the water pressure to 2.5GPM while saving water up to 30%.

  • Connection Size: The hot and cold inlet sizes are NPT1/2", ensuring compatibility with standard US plumbing connections.

  • Working Pressure: The shower set operates effectively within a range of 0.3 - 1.0Mpa.

  • ORB Finish: The shower head and components feature an elegant oil rubbed bronze finish, adding a touch of sophistication to your bathroom decor.

  • 20'' LED Shower Head: The shower head measures 20x20 inches and is equipped with LED lights. The set also includes an 8-inch shower arm for easy installation.

  • Enhance your shower experience with our set of four adjustable length shower arms. Designed for strength and durability, these shower arms offer versatility and easy installation. Customize the length to your desired position for a personalized showering experience. Upgrade your shower setup with our reliable and convenient adjustable length shower arms.
  • Our rain shower head is designed to accommodate both flat and uneven ceilings, providing versatility in installation options. Whether your ceiling is flat or has irregularities, our rain shower head can be adjusted and mounted securely. Enjoy a luxurious shower experience regardless of your ceiling type, as our shower head is designed to provide optimal water flow and coverage in any setting. Elevate your shower routine with our adaptable rain shower head, suitable for both flat and unflat ceilings.
  • Installation Instructions: Please refer to the provided installation instructions for seamless setup. The shower set is designed for tile walls or other suitable wall surfaces.

  • US Standard Size: All fittings are designed to meet US standard size requirements, ensuring easy compatibility with your existing plumbing setup.

Upgrade your shower experience to new heights of luxury with our 20-inch ceiling mounted LED oil rubbed bronze 2-way shower faucet. Immerse yourself in the soothing LED colors and enjoy the perfect combination of style, technology, and functionality.

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