Oil Rubbed Bronze 12-Inch Rainfall Shower Head with 3-Way Thermostatic Faucet System and High-Pressure Regular Shower Head

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Introducing our exceptional Oil Rubbed Bronze Shower System, designed to elevate your shower experience to new heights. Here's a detailed description of the features and components included:

(1) F3 valve style: without digital display, the push buttons can not adjust the water flow and water pressure, it requires 1/2 inch hot and cold water pipelines, water flow 2.5~5.6GPM;

(2) U3 valve style: with digital display, the push buttoms can adjust the water flow and water pressure, it requires 1/2 inch or 3/4 inch hot and cold water pipelines, water flow 2.5~7.8GPM ( high water flow);

◆ Air Injection Technology for Enhanced Performance:
Our Ultrathin raining sprinkler incorporates innovative Air Injection Technology, which boosts water pressure even in low-pressure installations. By mixing water with air, it increases the water pressure to an impressive 2.5GPM, while also conserving water by up to 30%.

◆ Optimal Connect Size and Working Pressure:
The hot and cold inlet of the shower system is designed with NPT1/2" size for easy installation. It functions perfectly within a working pressure range of 0.3 - 1.0Mpa, ensuring consistent performance.

◆ High Water Pressure 6-Inch Shower Head:
Enjoy a powerful and invigorating shower experience with our 6-inch high water pressure shower head. Crafted from premium brass and stainless steel, it delivers a refreshing water flow that revitalizes your senses.

◆ Sturdy Wall Arm for 6-Inch Shower Head:
The included 7-inch wall arm provides stability and support for the 6-inch shower head. Made from durable materials, it ensures reliable performance and easy installation.

◆ Brass Shower Holder:
Our NPT1/2" brass shower holder securely holds the handheld shower in place, offering convenience and versatility during your shower routine.

◆ Handheld Shower with Enhanced Durability:
The handheld shower is crafted from high-quality brass, ensuring longevity and durability. It provides flexibility and precision control for a personalized shower experience.

◆ Elegant Oil Rubbed Bronze Finish:
The shower system features an exquisite Oil Rubbed Bronze finish, adding a touch of sophistication and elegance to your bathroom decor.

◆ Long Shower Hose:
The 59-inch stainless steel shower hose provides flexibility and durability, allowing for comfortable movement during your shower. Its high-quality construction ensures resistance to kinking and corrosion.

◆ Sturdy Wall Mounted Shower Bar:
The wall-mounted shower bar, finished in Oil Rubbed Bronze, measures 16 inches in length. It offers stability and support, enhancing the overall functionality and aesthetics of the shower system.

◆ Versatile 12-Inch Shower Head:
Indulge in a luxurious rainfall experience with our 12-inch shower head. Finished in captivating Oil Rubbed Bronze, it provides wide coverage for a soothing and immersive shower.

◆ Easy-to-Use 3-Way Thermostatic Valve with Trim:
Our 3-way thermostatic valve with trim allows for effortless control and customization. Its Oil Rubbed Bronze finish ensures a seamless match with the overall shower system. Enjoy the convenience of independent or simultaneous functioning of each function.

◆ Anti-Scald Protection:
The thermostatic valve ensures a constant and desired water temperature, protecting you and your loved ones from accidental scalding. Experience peace of mind during every shower.

◆ Installation Compatibility:
This shower system is suitable for installation on tile walls or other wall types, providing versatility and adaptability to various bathroom setups.

Upgrade your shower experience with our remarkable Oil Rubbed Bronze Shower System. Immerse yourself in the perfect blend of performance, style, and durability. Transform your bathroom into a personal oasis of relaxation and rejuvenation.

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