12'' or 16'' Ceiling-Mounted Oil Rubbed Bronze Shower Faucet System with 3-Way Thermostat - LED or Non-LED Options, Includes 6 Body Jets

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Introducing our exceptional shower system in the captivating Oil Rubbed Bronze color. Prepare to indulge in a luxurious and customizable shower experience like never before. Here's a detailed description of the components included:

  1. Rainfall Shower Head (12-inch or 16-inch):
    Immerse yourself in a gentle downpour with our high-quality brass rainfall shower head. It is available in two sizes: 12-inch and 16-inch, both finished in the stunning Oil Rubbed Bronze color. Choose the size that suits your preferences and enjoy a wide coverage area for a truly relaxing shower experience.

  2. 3-Way Thermostatic Rough-in Valve with Trim:
    Achieve precise control over your shower with our 3-way thermostatic valve. It ensures optimal temperature regulation and comes with a convenient trim for a sleek and stylish look.

  3. Rain Shower Head Color Changing:
    Our 12-inch or 16-inch fixed rain shower head is crafted from high-quality brass and finished in the stunning Oil Rubbed Bronze color. Experience the mesmerizing color-changing feature as the LED lights shift based on the water temperature:

    • 32-86℉: Blue LED
    • 86-104℉: Green LED
    • 104-122℉: Red LED
    • 122-212℉: Flashing Red LED

    No batteries are required as the LED lights are powered by water flow alone.

  4. Rain Shower Arm:
    The 9-inch ceiling-mounted shower arm, made of durable brass, complements the overall design. It features a straight design and comes with a flange for easy installation.

  5. Hand Shower Head:
    Our handheld showerhead, crafted from brass and finished in Oil Rubbed Bronze, offers convenience and versatility. It is especially designed to provide ease of use for the elderly and children.

  6. Hand Shower Holder:
    The wall-mounted shower holder bracket, made of brass, securely holds the handheld showerhead in place. It features a NPT ½ inch male thread for easy installation.

  7. Shower Mixer Valve Control:
    Experience ultimate control with our thermostatic shower mixer valve. It offers three functions, allowing you to enjoy each function separately or all together. The valve is made of brass and ceramic for durability and includes an anti-scale setting.

  8. 6PCS Shower Body Jet:
    Indulge in a spa-like experience with our 6 brass body jets. These massage jets provide a rejuvenating water flow, enhancing your shower experience.

  9. Shower Hose:
    Our 59-inch stainless steel shower hose offers flexibility and durability. It is resistant to kinking and provides easy installation. The hose is finished in the elegant Oil Rubbed Bronze color.

Immerse yourself in the ultimate shower experience with our comprehensive shower system. Each component is meticulously designed and crafted to deliver exceptional functionality, style, and durability. Upgrade your bathroom with this exquisite Oil Rubbed Bronze shower system and enjoy a blissful shower experience every day.

 PVC, PEX, and copper are the recommended pipeline styles for our shower system.

  • PVC: Affordable, easy to install, and corrosion-resistant. Ideal for residential plumbing systems.

  • PEX: Flexible, easy to install in tight spaces, and resistant to freezing and corrosion. Suitable for residential and commercial plumbing applications.

  • Copper: Durable, able to withstand high temperatures, and commonly used in plumbing systems for their reliability.

The choice depends on factors like budget, building codes, and personal preference. Consulting a professional plumber is recommended to determine the best pipeline style for your installation.

For the hot and cold water pipelines, we recommend using 1/2 inch pipes. This size is ideal for ensuring a proper flow of hot and cold water to the shower system. Additionally, it is important to maintain consistency throughout the rest of the plumbing system by using 1/2 inch pipes for all other connections. This ensures compatibility and optimal performance throughout your water supply lines. By following these recommendations, you can ensure a smooth and efficient flow of water to your Oil Rubbed Bronze 3-Way Thermostatic Shower Faucet System.

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