Chrome Bathroom Sink Faucet Single Handle Single Hole Lavatory Faucet with overflow pop up drain

SKU SF7101D3
$329.00 $119.98

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Introducing our Single-Handle Bathroom Faucet, a high-quality and efficient choice for your bathroom.

Package includes:

  • Single-Handle Bathroom Faucet
  • 2 PCS hoses and other accessories assembly
  • Popup Overflow Brass Drain

Smooth Operation and Longevity: This faucet features a high-quality cartridge with high hardness and excellent sealing properties. The cartridge ensures smooth operation and can withstand wear and tear. With a service life of over 500,000 times, this faucet is built to last.

Air Intake Technology: The faucet utilizes air intake technology, creating a pleasant and comfortable mixture of water and air. This technology not only satisfies your cleaning needs but also effectively saves water. By incorporating air into the water stream, the faucet achieves the same result with 30% less water consumption. This makes it an environmentally friendly choice, helping to conserve water resources.

Easy Installation: The package includes 2 PCS hoses and other accessories assembly, providing everything you need for a hassle-free installation. The clear instructions guide you through the process, ensuring a smooth and straightforward setup.

Popup Overflow Brass Drain: The included popup overflow brass drain adds convenience and functionality to the faucet. This feature ensures proper water drainage in your sink, preventing overflow and potential water damage.

In summary, our Single-Handle Bathroom Faucet is designed to offer smooth operation, longevity, and water-saving capabilities. With its high-quality cartridge and excellent sealing properties, the faucet provides a smooth and durable performance. The incorporation of air intake technology enhances your experience by creating a comfortable water and air mixture while effectively conserving water consumption. The package includes 2 PCS hoses and other accessories assembly for easy installation. Additionally, the popup overflow brass drain ensures proper water drainage in your sink. Choose this faucet for a reliable, efficient, and environmentally conscious addition to your bathroom.

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