Brushed nickel Music LED Flushed in 23X 15inch shower head 3 way digital display pressure balance valve that each function run at the same time and separately

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Experience the ultimate in shower luxury with our 3-Way Shower System, featuring a brushed nickel finish and a choice of three distinct rough-in valve styles to suit your unique needs.

D-Style Valve: This option comes with a digital display and a pressure balance cartridge. It allows each function to operate separately, providing a custom shower experience tailored to your preferences.

F3-Style Valve: This style is designed without a digital display and includes 3 push buttons and a thermostatic cartridge. It allows each function to work both all together and separately, offering versatile control over your shower experience.

Q3-Style Valve: This style features a digital display and a thermostatic cartridge. It allows each function to work both all together and separately, ensuring a comprehensive and customizable shower experience.

Hand Shower Head: The handheld showerhead, made of brass and finished in brushed nickel, provides a convenient and easy-to-use option for all users, including the elderly and children. It connects with a G1/2" standard.

Hand Shower Holder: The wall-mounted shower holder bracket, made from brass in brushed nickel finish, comes with a NPT ½ inch male thread for easy installation.

Rainfall Waterfall Head: The 23" LED Bluetooth Music stainless rainfall waterfall head offers a soothing shower experience. With flush mount ceiling installation, it integrates LED, mist, and rainfall functionalities. Control the LED light with a remote panel control, and manage music through your cell phone for a personalized shower experience.


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