Chrome waterfall 3 LED light single handle brass bathroom faucet with pop up brass drain

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Introducing our Chrome Bathroom Sink Faucet with a unique feature of 3 colors changing LED light, designed to enhance your bathroom experience.

Overall Height and Spout Height: This faucet has an overall height of 6.73 inches, providing ample clearance above the sink for comfortable use. The spout height is 4.0 inches, ensuring efficient water flow and preventing splashing.

Sink Hole Diameter: The faucet is compatible with sink holes ranging from φ1.34 to 1.57 inches in diameter, offering versatility in installation.

Color: The faucet is finished in chrome, adding a sleek and timeless look to your bathroom decor. Chrome finish is known for its durability, resistance to tarnish, and easy maintenance.

Materials: Crafted from high-quality brass, this faucet ensures long-lasting durability and corrosion resistance. Brass is a reliable choice for bathroom fixtures due to its strength and resilience.

LED Light Color Change: One special highlight of this faucet is the 3 colors changing LED light, which adds a captivating and mesmerizing effect to the water flow. The LED light changes color depending on the water temperature, creating a visually stunning display. The colors and temperature ranges associated with them are as follows:

  • Blue: Water temperature equal to or below 93.2℉ (34℃)
  • Green: Water temperature between 93.2℉ (34℃) and 111.2℉ (44℃)
  • Red: Water temperature between 111.2℉ (44℃) and 129.2℉ (54℃)
  • Flashing Red: Water temperature equal to or above 129.2℉ (54℃)

This innovative feature not only adds visual appeal to your bathroom but also serves as a convenient indicator of the water temperature.

Pop-Up Brass Drain and Plate: The faucet comes with a pop-up brass drain, providing convenience and ensuring proper water drainage. The brass construction matches the faucet's finish, creating a cohesive and stylish look. Additionally, a plate is included to cover any additional sink holes, ensuring a neat and finished appearance.

In summary, our Chrome Bathroom Sink Faucet with 3 colors changing LED light is a unique and eye-catching addition to your bathroom. With its overall height, spout height, and compatibility with various sink hole diameters, this faucet offers both functionality and versatility in installation. The chrome finish adds a sleek and timeless look, while the high-quality brass construction ensures durability. The LED light feature with color changes based on the water temperature provides a captivating visual display. Complete with a pop-up brass drain and a plate for added convenience and aesthetics, this faucet is designed to elevate your bathroom experience.

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