20'' ceiling mounted LED matte Black 3 way thermostatic valve that each function run at the same time and separately

wonderland shower inc SKU: A9102F3C20L

20'' ceiling mounted LED matte Black 3 way thermostatic valve that each function run at the same time and separately

wonderland shower inc SKU: A9102F3C20L
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Color: Matte Black

3 way thermostatic rough in valve with trim

Water Flow:1.8GPM ~3.8GPM

Water Pressure: 0.3~1.0 MPA

Rainfall shower head Color Changing with Water Temperature,no need battery

*32-86℉: Blue LED

*86-104℉: Green LED

*104-122℉: Red LED

*122-212℉: Flashing Red LED

What is in the box?


Type:Fixed Rain Showerhead

Material: Brass


Color: matte black

Feature: Led light colors change by water temperature, No need battery

Connection:G1/2" Standards


Type: ceiling Mounted Shower Arm


Color:matte black

Feature:Shower Arm with Flange Straight

Connection: Male 1/2 NPT Standards


Type: Handheld Showerhead

Material: Brass

Color: matte black

Feature: Easy for the Elderly and Children to Shower

Connection:G1/2" Standards


Type: Wall Mounted Shower Holder Bracket

Material: Brass

Color: matte black

Feature: NPT ½ inch male thread

Shower Mixer Valve Control

Features: Three Function thermostatic, anti-scale setting

Material: Brass & Ceramic valve

Color:matte black

Connection: NPT ½ inch

Feature: each function work all together and separately


Features: Massage

Material: Brass

Color: matte black

Connection: NPT 1/2" nipple Standards


Type: 59 Inch Stainless Steel Shower Hose

Material: Stainless Steel

Color: matte black

Feature: Flexible and does not kink, Very easy to install.

Connection:G1/2" Standards

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